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Welcome Jack and Jill: Our New Furry Friends at SMS!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of two adorable new members to the SMS family: Jack and Jill, our new school rabbits! These delightful bunnies have already captured the hearts of students and staff alike, bringing joy and excitement to our school community.

Jack and Jill are settling in nicely to their new home, and the students are over the moon to have these furry friends as part of their daily lives. The presence of these rabbits is not just about having pets; it’s about the valuable lessons and experiences they bring. Caring for Jack and Jill teaches responsibility, empathy, and the importance of animal welfare. Students are eager to take turns in looking after them, ensuring they have fresh food, clean water, and plenty of playtime.

Our dedicated staff has created a cozy and safe environment for Jack and Jill, where they can hop around and explore. The rabbits’ area is designed to be both stimulating and comfortable, with plenty of toys and activities to keep them engaged. Watching the rabbits play and interact is not only entertaining but also therapeutic, offering a calming influence and promoting a sense of well-being among the students.

Jack and Jill have already become popular figures at SMS, and we encourage everyone to take the opportunity to spend time with them. Whether it’s during a break, a quiet reading session, or a science lesson, these rabbits are bringing smiles and creating wonderful memories.

We extend a warm welcome to Jack and Jill and look forward to the many happy moments and learning experiences they will bring to our school. The arrival of these lovely bunnies marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter at SMS. We are confident that Jack and Jill will thrive in their new home and become cherished members of our community.

Let‘s all give a big, warm welcome to Jack and Jill! 🐰🐰

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