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SMS Thrive is our specialist holistic support site for young people with a higher level of need. Young people who access Thrive may have ASC or social communication difficulties or experience high levels of anxiety and benefit from or more fixed routine and less transitions. Based in Failsworth, Thrive can offer the flexibility to support students who may require a reduced curriculum or more bespoke subjects.

Students at Thrive have a class teacher who will deliver most core subjects. This reduces transitions and allows for a much calmer environment. Vocational options are available in the afternoons and are delivered by specialist staff.

The Thrive offer includes a full time SALT assistant and weekly art therapist. For more specific support needs, all students at SMS Thrive can be referred the SMS bMindful therapeutic team of highly qualified psychologist and specialist therapists.

The newly refurbished building benefits from individual intervention rooms and large sensory room to cater to the holistic needs of the young people, as well as two 3G football pitches, a professional boxing gym and student cooking facilities.


All students at Thrive study English, Maths, PSHE, ICT and Science.

Vocational options include Sport, Art and Cooking, however other options such as music, construction, Hair and Beauty and Languages are available upon request.

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