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VR Film and Creative Arts Workshop Make ‘Round Midnight’ Knife Crime Course an Eye-Opening Success

Dear valued readers of the SMS Coaching newsletter,

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news with you today! Thanks to the generous grant of £1000 from the Executive Committee of Greater Manchester Magistrates, led by Paul Brearley, Deputy Lieutenant of Greater Manchester and Chair of Greater Manchester Magistrates, SMS Coaching has successfully hosted an innovative “Round Midnight” Knife Crime Awareness Course, powered by virtual reality (VR). This fantastic initiative was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the West Midlands Police and the Home Office, who funded and created the powerful VR film, Virtual_Decisions: KNIVES.

The 11-minute VR film, Virtual_Decisions: KNIVES, took our students on a thought-provoking journey, addressing the serious issues surrounding knife-carrying and its tragic consequences. It proved to be an eye-opening tool in our collective efforts to combat the rising instances of knife crime and protect young lives in our communities.

Following the immersive VR film experience, our students eagerly engaged in a creative arts workshop to delve deeper into the themes explored in the film. Through discussions and drama exercises, they had the chance to reflect on their own experiences within the virtual reality and share insights with each other. This interactive approach ensured that the learning journey was driven by the students themselves, making it a powerful and meaningful experience for all.

We’re delighted to report that the “Round Midnight” Knife Crime Awareness Course was met with resounding success! Our students were deeply impacted by the VR film, gaining a profound understanding of the consequences of knife crime. The creative arts workshop allowed them to express their thoughts and emotions freely, fostering a sense of empowerment and unity among the participants. We caught up with some of the kids who attended the “Round Midnight” Knife Crime Awareness Course and their enthusiasm was infectious! One student exclaimed, “I loved every moment of it! The VR experience was so realistic. One young participant said, “I think every student should have this opportunity. It really opens your eyes”

None of this would have been possible without the exceptional efforts of our Head Teacher, Hecabe DuFraisse, who played a crucial role in securing the grant and making this vital initiative a reality. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to her for her dedication and commitment.

As we continue our journey to make a difference, SMS Coaching remains steadfast in our mission to raise awareness and empower our students, teachers, and parents. Together, we stand against knife crime, nurturing safer and stronger communities.

We’re proud of our students and their engagement in this significant project. Their enthusiasm and response to the “Round Midnight” Knife Crime Awareness Course have inspired us to pursue further impactful initiatives in the future.

Stay tuned for more updates as we strive to create a safer and brighter future for everyone.



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