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As we are an independent school, referrals made to SMS Changing Lives are normally made by the local authorities.

We consider a wide range of information to determine whether we feel we could meet the needs of the prospective student.

If we feel that we are the right school for the student, we will invite them and their parents/carers into school for a visit before we offer a place.

SMS Changing Lives Staff will ensure pupils are offered an integration package that starts as soon as possible once a place has been offered.

Admissions Criteria:

The student will:

  • be aged between 11-16
  • have a statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health Care Plan or be going through the assessment period
  • have needs that can be met within the school offer
  • have needs/provision that are compatible with those of the existing cohort of students
  • express a commitment to the placement
  • agree to follow the rules of SMS Changing Lives
  • agree to comply with policies at SMS Changing Lives
    During the consultation process to look into admission at SMS Changing Lives we will consult with parents and carers regarding the following;
  • Information about the child’s academic, social and emotional development
  • Where relevant, their medical history and the views of a medical professional
  • Whether they have previously been educated out of their normal age group


To find out more information about the process and about applying please submit a contact form. Any consultations/enquiries should be sent to headteacher@smscoaching.co.uk

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