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Vision, values and ethos

Honesty: At SMS School, honesty is the foundation of our interactions. We instill in our students the values of integrity, truthfulness, and transparency. By promoting open communication and ethical behavior, we create an environment where trust and authenticity thrive.


Ambition: We believe in nurturing ambitious minds. Our students are encouraged to dream big, set high goals, and pursue excellence in all their endeavors. Through fostering a culture of determination and aspiration, we empower our students to reach their fullest potential.

Community Spirit: Community spirit is a guiding principle at SMS School. We celebrate diversity and unity, fostering a sense of belonging and connectedness among students and staff alike. Our school community is a supportive and inclusive space where everyone is valued and respected.

Curiosity: Curiosity is embraced as a driving force for learning. We encourage our students to question, explore, and seek knowledge. By nurturing their innate curiosity, we spark a lifelong love for learning and equip them with the skills to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Respect: Respect is at the core of our interactions. We cultivate an environment where every individual’s perspectives, backgrounds, and identities are acknowledged and honoured. By promoting empathy and understanding, we create a respectful and harmonious school community.


Resilience: We teach our students the power of resilience. Through challenges and setbacks, they learn to bounce back, develop grit, and persevere. Our focus on resilience equips them with the mental fortitude needed to overcome obstacles and emerge stronger.





At SMS School, these core values serve as guiding principles, shaping not only our educational approach but also the character and growth of our students

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