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SMS Art Gallery Exhibition: Ice Gallery

Hey there, SMS Coaching readers!

We’ve got some incredible news to share about our students’ recent artistic adventure! Collaborating with the visionary Graham Finch, the gallery director at Beyond Lies More Ice Gallery in Wilmslow, Manchester, SMS School organized a special visit that ignited the creative sparks within our talented students.

The focal point of this captivating event was none other than ‘Beyond Lies More,’ a mesmerizing artwork. SMS Art students were eager to explore the deep layers of meaning behind the piece, which was jointly crafted by the skilled artists, Nicholas J Smith, Dave Moli (Boogie), and James Blinkhorn. The artwork’s message transcended racial boundaries, emphasizing the essence of our shared humanity, a powerful reminder that we are all part of one single race – the human race.

The students say they had an incredible experience! Upon arriving at ICE Gallery based in Wilmslow Manchester, our young artists were greeted warmly by Graham Finch, whose genuine passion for art and community radiated throughout the space. Graham, driven by a mission to make a difference, was actively raising funds for Mission 44 and FareShare Food, supporting those in need and vital community causes.

Throughout the visit, Graham personally guided the students, unveiling the beauty and depth of ‘Beyond Lies More.’ Our students were captivated, as Graham’s explanations sparked profound reflections on unity, diversity, and the shared experiences that bind us all together. The trip had a profound impact on the students; Sonny, in a letter to Graham, wrote ‘It was an amazing new experience for me since I’ve never been to a place like that until I came to your gallery.’ He described the effect the artwork had on him too, stating ‘The painting I was most deeply pulled in by was the Life Tree. I love the painting since it’s got such a deeper meaning and hidden messages and many stories and characters’. Enthusiasm was shared by fellow art student Princessa who wrote ‘As a black girl I was so grateful to see a painting of famous people of colour with different backgrounds.’

‘The Life Tree’

As they immersed themselves in the artwork, the students found their creative spirits awakened, inspired by the seamless collaboration of three distinct artists. They were empowered to embrace their own unique perspectives and talents, recognizing the power of artistic expression in fostering understanding and compassion.

This extraordinary gallery visit left a lasting impact on our students, igniting a passion for art and a desire to celebrate diversity in all its forms. As they continue their artistic journey at SMS School, we’re excited to witness their growth and creativity flourishing, guided by the powerful experience they shared at Beyond Lies More. It appears that Graham was also left moved by the experience, writing to Headteacher Hecabe DuFraisse ‘It was a joy to receive Sonny and Princess at the gallery and give them a tour and a few goodies to take away. Thank you for allowing them to come with two very capable teachers.’

At SMS Coaching, we’re dedicated to providing enriching opportunities like this for our students, fostering an environment where creativity and empathy thrive. With each step, we’re empowering our students to become compassionate and open-minded global citizens.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Graham Finch and Beyond Lies More Ice Gallery for welcoming our students with open arms and inspiring them to embrace art as a tool for unity and understanding.

As we look forward to more artistic endeavours, let’s celebrate the unique talents and diverse voices that make our school community truly special.

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures and inspiring events, as we continue to learn, grow, and make a difference together!

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