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Building Character and Ambition Through Sports at SMS

With one of our main focal points at SMS being physical wellbeing, the new sports department in our facility provides our learners with everything they need to build character and discipline whilst learning about the beneficial effects of sport and healthy competition.

“The new site is working well; we have access to more equipment, for example, the weights programme. The students are working closely with Gaz and Hamam to build more strength and learn about different exercises, which is reinforced in the theory part of the programme.” – Dylan Izzard (Staff)The department is home to a range of multiple gym accessories and equipment including a ‘5-a-side’ football pitch, boxing ring, weights room and cardiovascular equipment such as a treadmill and a cross trainer.

The sessions are structured in a way that our learners can be educated on the theory of Sport in our IT suite to ensure the learning outcomes are being met for the qualification, and then we move over for the practical aspect within the gym setting.

“The new gym has loads of variations of all the different types of weights, so light weights for people who can’t lift a lot and heavy ones for those that can.” – KA (Year 11 learner)As well as upgrading our facility with the new equipment, we have also enhanced the experience with new and vibrant motivational aesthetics. We commissioned the supremely talented local legend John Culshaw to paint murals of inspiring athletes such as Marcus Rashford, Lionel Messi, Paul Scholes, Erling Haarland, Diego Maradona and our very own SMS staff, Hannah Baggaley and Jake James, who are both incredible boxers and an inspiration to our learners. John is a living legend in the northwest of England where his mesmerizing work of the likes of Ringo Starr adorn the walls of Liverpool.

“The kids now have the option to do sports as well as gym, including cricket, boxing and football. The murals are so aesthetically pleasing that it seems the kids want to spend all their time in there.” – Gaz Preston (Staff). Our learners establish core values and discipline, working hard to gain qualifications and transferable skills that will benefit them throughout, and beyond, their education setting. One of the most important values we promote at SMS is ‘Ambition’. We recognise that our students must be nurtured with a ‘can-do’ philosophy that encourages them to reach their full potential and aspire to be the best versions of themselves that they can be.

“We use sports, linked in with behaviour, to give the kids an opportunity to not only learn sports but to learn the fundamentals of team spirit and healthy competition, as I believe that sport is a crucial part of young people’s development.” – Hamam El Fitouri (Staff)With the new academic year in full swing, we are excited to see just where our learners can and will set and smash their individual goals. With our tenacious and dedicated staff, our state of the art facility and energised and enthusiastic students, the sky’s the limit!

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