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Do you have a concern?

Should you have any concerns relating to the safety and welfare of a student at the school. You should immediately contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) at designatedteacher@smscoaching.co.uk

The staff involved in ensuring and maintaining safeguarding are:

  • Amanda Welch – Designated safeguarding lead
  • Isaac DuFraisse – Deputy safeguarding lead

Do you have an immediate concern?

If you have any immediate concerns about a young person’s safety please contact the police on 999.

Concerned about a member of staff?

Should you have any concerns in terms of safeguarding relating to a member of staff, you should immediately contact the designated safeguarding team. If the allegation concerns any of these individuals, you should directly contact Headteacher of the school, Hecabe DuFraisse at headteacher@smscoaching.co.uk

Our safeguarding policies

Our safeguarding policy and other related safeguarding policies can be found on our policies page.

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