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At The SMS Changing Lives School our students are facing multiple challenges and therefore we place as much emphasis on a student’s Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) outcomes as we do on their academic achievement.

  • The number and type of incidents of challenging behaviour.
  • The progress in learning social skills through weekly social skills groups.
  • The progress within their wellbeing curriculum.
  • Also the progress with anxiety scales and progress towards Individual Support Plan (ISP) targets, which are specifically tailored to meet the special educational needs of each pupil.



English GCSE – 15 students took the exam. 1 student (7%) achieved Grade 1; 3 students (20%) achieved Grade 2; 5 students (33%) achieved Grade 3; 3 students (20%) achieved Grade 4. 3 students (20%) were ungraded (Grade U).
20% achieved the national age-related expectation, 33% were just below the national age-related expectation, and 47% were significantly below the national age-related expectation.

English GCSE Functional Skills – 7 students passed Entry Level 1, 1 student passed Entry Level 2 and 6 students passed Entry Level 3 in writing

Mathematics GCSE – 6 students took the exam. 1 student (16.6%) achieved Level 1; 1 student (16.6%) achieved Level 2; 2 students (33.3%) achieved Level 3; 1 student (16.6%) achieved Level 4. 1 student (16.6%) was ungraded (Grade U).
16% of students entered for the exam achieved the national age-related expectation, 16% were just below the the national age-related expectation, 16% were below the national age-related expectation and 16% failed to pass the exam.

Mathematics GCSE Functional Skills – 5 students passed the Level 3 exam, and 6 students passed the Level 1 exam

Science BTEC – 5 students took the BTEC Level 1 introductory award and all 5 passed

Sports – 4 students took the Level 2 Sports Coaching Award and all 4 passed. 100% of the students who took the course achieved the national age-related expectation

Food BTEC – 2 students passed the Level 1 Introductory Certificate

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